Hurricane Dobies - A Dark Cloud Over Jackson


Derek Dobies is a typical aspiring liberal politician who has never produced anything in his life but talk and more talk. He has never held a real job that produced anything of value like the rest of the hard working residents of Jackson. Nor has he provided any service to anyone which resulted in anything of value.


Derek Dobies is originally from Brighton. After college, he entered political arena and began his climb. He worked as a representative for John Dingell and made his many liberal connections to low level political operatives. He worked for some state legislators in Lansing and became close friends with our failed mayor and state representative Marty Griffin.


Griffin who was again running for mayor brought Derek to Jackson to run for a council seat, seeing the 6th ward as easy pickings. Even though Dobies ran a red light while drunk and T-Boned a police car, he was neither prosecuted in the way a "lesser" citizen would have been prosecuted and paid no restitution to the city for the over $3k damage to the police car. Unproven, but we are convinced Griffen pulled strings for his "buddy" Nonetheless, Dobies threw out a great ground game with donations from radical unions and Ann Arbor leftists to beat Larry Lloyd, an upstanding long term resident and an Iraq war veteran.

Surprise. Now Derek, a devout leftist, has again secured the endorsement of the Huron Valley Labor Federation AFL-CIO in his bid to unseat Mayor Jors and replace responsible local government with his distorted vision of social justice.


Dobies has two objectives: First is to facilitate his political career at any cost to citizens and taxpayers.
Second is to subvert our mid Michigan moral and cultural values and replace them with the values he learned from Lansing and Ann Arbor fringe liberals and leftist union organizers.

Derek Dobies is now running for mayor to further drag the city into debt with endless proposals for spending taxpayer dollars. He also faced a recall in the 6th ward to put a final end to his political career. He withdrew when he saw the writing on the all: 645 signatures on recall petitions vs 745 votes last time he won the ward.

The voters had enough of you Derek.

This is all that Dobies is about: A political career built on the graveyard of taxpayers and voters rights.

Derek Dobies has supported every ill advised project and expenditure of city funds since he was elected. Never wanting for money, Derek has little experience or incentive to be frugal with taxpayer funds.

Derek was a key member of the gang of five who supported the illegal storm water tax and resisted settlement of the lawsuit resulting in losses costing the city over a million dollars in payback and legal fees.

Derek has been the outspoken voice on city council advocating projects with little foreseeable return on investment such as the several hundred thousands to be spent on the C.E. mosaic mural enclosure in the new downtown park, another one million dollar plus expenditure of taxpayer funds.

The downtown mural building at the site of old Consumers headquarters:

"This project stands as a testament to what can happen when a community comes together to rebuild their city and make a conscious effort to preserve a piece of art history," said Councilman Derek Dobies in a press release.

A World Class Attraction? Symbol of Art history? In reality a commercial mosaic depicting the nuclear power cycle abandoned by Consumers Power that is far from the kind of art that should be preserved at enormous taxpayer and donor expense. Dobies investment of time is to secure political name recognition, nothing to benefit the city or taxpayers.

Dobies Campaign Promises: A promise of misleading lies

Dobies has been a key supporter is the massive demolition program which has caused falling property values and a desolate wasteland of vacant weed covered lots in some areas of the city, principally in low-income and minority areas. A well considered application of demolitions would be more appropriate but that is not part of the Burtch plan which Derek supports unequivocally.

The pattern developed by all these ill fated proposals by Dobies is obvious. The common thread is getting articles in the paper and face time, not improving Jackson with concrete proposals that benefit all the citizens.

This is not the kind of player Jackson needs to get back on track. His devious activities aimed at benefiting a small segment of the population and himself in particular is very disturbing.

Over the last six years, Derek Dobies has proven himself unfit to continue his term as 6th ward councilman let alone to be elected mayor. Let the voters put this shameful bottom feeding political hack and his carpet bag on the first bus out of town.

The technocratic conceit exemplified in Dobies actions has always been that his judgment should supplant the will of the people. His methods, he assures himself, is always justified because the end is noble and the opposition is never arguing in good faith. If they were, the technocrat insists, there would be no opposition in the first place.

Chicago: Inducting 25 new Truman Political Partners

By Dave Solimini | 8.27.12 Vice President of Strategic Communications

Truman staff and community members from across the Midwest gathered in the Windy City on August 18th & 19th to welcome our newest class of Truman Partners. 25 rising political stars from Ohio, Michigan (Dobies face time in the middle), Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska and Missouri assembled for a challenging weekend of training, policy simulations and communications exercises designed to provide them with the key building blocks for national security leadership.

Classes and workshops included schools of thought in American national security debate and their underlying roots in political philosophy and values, an introduction to US Military operations, organization and culture taught by Veterans from the Truman community, the psychology of fear in politics, communications and messaging techniques for national security debates, and a policy simulation addressing Iran's nuclear program.

We are proud to welcome our newest class of Partners to the Truman community!

And the real Truman Project is a progressive leftist organization dedicated to do the left's bidding irrespective of the security of America

This kind of thinking vindicates so many otherwise indefensible ends, including subterfuge and much worse. The technocrats among us today justify the lie because they believe the end is virtuous. And perhaps it is. But what they do not understand is that no end is justified by any and every means. In fact, a virtuous project can be made forever toxic if its proponents adopt dishonest tactics in order to achieve it.

Dobies efforts to first pass the NDO with its persecution of those accused of discrimination without benefit of due process followed by his vile actions in derailing the referendum effort by citizens who wanted to vote on the issue and thus protect their constitutional rights, speak loudly to his Neo-fascist liberal agenda combining corporate welfare with suppression of the rights of citizens to exercise their voice at the ballot box.

Dobies and Consumers Energy are lining up a replacement for Dobies in the 6th Ward and supporting the re-election of lap dogs in the 3rd and 5th Wards.

In a further display of Dobies narcissism and arrogance, without authorization from the council, he sent this linked letter (Obtained through the FOIA process) to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission advocating superseding the legislative prerogative and including sexual orientation and gender identity in the Elliot-Larson Civil Rights Act, a position rejected by the legislature over and over.

This clear demonstration of his disdain for the legislative process and his arrogance in sending this communication on a City of Jackson letter head and signing it as Vice-Mayor to carry weight is inexcusable to those of use who cherish democratic institutions and the rule of law.

Click the link and go to the detailed information pages for more information on Derek Dobies history and failures
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