Hurricane Dobies - A Dark Cloud Over Jackson


Colleen Sullivan

Colleen Sullivan wants to be your representative on city council for the 6th Ward. What an ambitious agenda she supports. An exact copy of the Dobies agenda points. She filed the day Dobies canceled his run for the 6th Ward after a successful recall campaign was mounted against him. They probably went hand in hand to the clerks office.

Colleens campaign statement filed in October shows total contributions of about $2300.00 Dobies contributed $500.00 so the remainder of local contributions was $569.00 from 15 people. There were 16 contributions from non-Jackson city/county supporters coming to $510.00 and $745.00 from 14 out of state contributors.

Again, with out Dobies seed money, the majority of supporters were out of state and had no interest in Colleen other than supporting Dobies and his leftist agenda

Colleen is a political activist carrying water for Dobies and his ilk. She exposes herself as the typical screaming liberal trying to shut down anyone she disagrees with.

Our legislators have been trying to come with an alternative to the failed Obamacare program with its huge and increasing costs and deductibles. People like Colleen scream "You're Not Listening" against any effort to reduce dependency on government as she is making dependency on government a full time job to enable her political activism.

Colleen with no formal political experience and no experience at all in even the quasi-political realm excepting for her advocacy for leftist causes and her autistic son, thinks she has something to offer the residents of the 6th Ward and the city. What she has to offer is a vote for whatever Dobies tells her to vote for.

Colleen also offer a loud screaming voice typical of a violent activist being supported by "daddy" government leaving plenty of time to be on the streets.

During the "SAFER GRANT" crisis of a year or so ago, Tara Bently became a very vocal critic of the council for not supporting reapplication for this grant to hire more firemen. The basis of her passion is not known other than this was an issue to bring attention to someone who resides in the shadows of notoriety.

Colleen, being coached by Social Justice Warrior(SJW), Dobies manager and close confidant, Connor Wood, decided a great issue to pursue would be "the firemen" issue. Tara Bently conveniently colluded with Colleen to provide the vehicle for Colleen "to show her concerns".

Colleen jumped on board the "SAFER GRANT" issue at the direction of Dobies who received endorsement from the Jackson firemen's union, part of the AFL-CIO for whom Dobies works. Not only do we risk having a mayor in bed with his union cohorts when it comes to negotiating wages and benefits which cost the city dearly in the past, we see Colleen as a Dobies union lap dog supporter. After all when she was out west she was working for the AFSCME as a political organizer.

Colleens advocacy for her son is admirable. No more so than any of the many other parents of children afflicted with autism who face the daily chores of raising such a child and who also advocate for them. Does Colleens experience in pressuring Lifeways for services make her a good fit on city council? Of course not. What will make her a good fit is towing the Dobies party line in the intolerable event that he would be elected mayor.

What life and work experience has Colleen had that would make her a valuable asset on the council? Has she ever held a job or has she always been living off state aid to support her autistic son? Where is the father of this child? I can't imagine being a single mom trying to raise an autistic child without a close support partner in the venture. I guess that is where the state support comes in. Government replacing "the dad". Just the kind of Dobies outlook we need on council.

So who is Colleen? Where is her child's father? She lives at 502 McBride a house she claims she bought in 2014.

AccessMyGov indicates the home at 502 McBride is owned by a David A. Carter. A search in Jackson area for that name in google and checking the voter records turned up nothing.

However a search in Oregon, a former state of residency for Colleen turned up this:

Oregon's newcomers in their own words: David Carter The Oregonian By Gosia Wozniacka, The Oregonian on December 26, 2009 at 11:00 AM

David Carter took care of his ailing father for a long time in Atlanta and eventually, with his fathers blessing, relocated to Portland to being anew. The owl was a childhood gift from his father. Why do they decide to leave their city, state or country and relocate in Oregon? We asked newcomers who moved here in 2009 to write and tell us where they moved from, and why. What did they gain? What did the act of moving mean to them? What about "home"? What surprised them about Oregon? Here are some of their answers.

David Carter, Beaverton Age: 39 Occupation: Unemployed, former Web designer/developer and sales rep Born: Baltimore Moved from: Covington, Ga. (Atlanta area) How many miles moved: 2,170 Moved by: 16-foot rental with car trailer. Arrived in: January. Moved with: Fiancee. Couldn't leave behind: "Charlie. He's a stuffed animal, an owl. My dad gave him to me when I was getting my tonsils out. I was 6. He's dirty, tattered and missing an eye, but I've had him for 33 years. It's kind of silly, I guess, but there is something comforting about him, maybe more so since my dad is gone and I'm so far away from my family. My father passed away a week, to the day, after we arrived in Portland. I honestly think he was holding on to make sure we got to where we needed and wanted to be."

Carter: My story of moving to Oregon started roughly 10 years ago with a trip to Oregon City to visit friends. It was my first trip to the West Coast. The people were welcoming and genuine. The trip ended and I was back on a plane heading east, longing to visit again.

I'll fast-forward. It was now 2008 and I was back at my parent's house in Atlanta, which, at 38, isn't the place you normally would like to be. My father's health was getting worse. I had moved back to assist in his care.

I had a MySpace page and found Colleen. We had known each other in the late 90's, when she lived in Atlanta. She had since moved to Portland and over time we had lost touch. We exchanged e-mails for the next few months.

Colleen had decided to move to Turkey to teach English. Her plan was to get rid of most of her belongings and put the rest in storage in Michigan, where her mom lives. She asked if I would make the cross-country trip with her. We hadn't seen each other in nine years.

Suffice it to say that by the time we reached Michigan, Turkey was no longer on the table. We headed to Oregon. After spending time with family, we decided to fast-track some happiness by getting married. Now.

Moving is exciting, aside from the physical aspect. It's an opportunity to begin anew. It can also be scary -- the thought of boxing up your life and carrying it across the country, into the relatively unknown, is daunting. ...

I struggled with the idea of moving so far away, of leaving my family when they probably needed me most, of cutting ties and putting miles between friendships. Where are we going to live? What jobs will we be able to find? Is now the right time to do this?

My wife and I are now settled in and loving it, aside from the fact that it has been tough for me to find work. I know that things will pick up and fall into place and we'll be just fine.

Record search show Colleen living at the following addresses:

502 McBride St, Jackson, Michigan 49203

14847 Allman Rd, Concord, MI, 49237

7212 SE 118th Pl, Portland, OR, 97266

1** ***** Creek ** **, Atlanta, GA, 30327

9** ** 49th *** *** *, Portland, OR, 97215

Oregon records also show Colleen was married to a fellow named Stephen G Tarantola.

080362618 03/12/2008 Domestic Relations Dissolution Closed MUL Domestic Relations




As a single mother, Colleen has spent the last seven years ensuring that Seamus is on a path to meet his potential. She fell in love with Harwoods addition in the 6th Ward and planted roots by purchasing a house on McBride Street in 2014.

The sales record for the house at 502 McBride:

Sale History Sale Date Sale Price Instrument Grantor Grantee Terms of Sale Liber/Page 10/01/2014 $70,000.00 WD CZOLGOSZ ERICA M CARTER DAVID A ETAL ARMS-LENGTH 2041-1090

The register of deeds shows Colleen as a first party on the mortgage along with David A Carter.

Is David Carter the real father of Seamus and is letting the state provide support and income for Colleen so she can engage in her political ranting's?

Did David Carter buy this home to provide Colleen and his son a place to live?

Who is David A. Carter and where does he reside? Is he in hiding at 502 McBride?

No divorce record of Colleen and David Carter could be located.

However, the mortgage record for 502 McBridge gives us a little more information.

Husband and wife. He is allegedly living in DeWitt while she, a political activist and Dobies lap dog, is enabled by our government tax dollars.

Perhaps the F.O.C. should be pursuing his child support obligation instead of the state a federal government providing what daddy should be.

Colleen attended the NAACP Awards Banquet and had nothing but raves for the organization. Very admirable excepting she will be a staunch supporter of Dobies in his support for the Burtch agenda of demolishing salvageable homes in minority areas to make room for high end condos to be occupied by the "young professionals" Burtch and Dobies hope to attract to Jackson. Think any of the displaced low income and minority folks will be able to afford a condo in Burtchville?

Tell us Colleen how depriving low income residents and minorities in these "target" areas of the opportunity to purchase a distressed property, fix it up and put it back on the tax rolls helps the communities? Home ownership is a fundamental component of the net worth of individuals and a key to obtaining credit be it for business investment or sending kids to college.

By supporting the Dobies/Burtch agenda of demolition, you would be depriving those most in need of support in building family wealth, the opportunity to start down the road to success.

The disparate impact of the demolition program on people of color is not only immoral, it is illegal.

We don't need any more Burtch lap dogs on the council. We need representatives who will represent the people of Jackson and not well heeled developers who Dobies sees as a donation ticket to higher office and Burtch sees as an endorsement of his dreams of being a successful facilitator of development if not a "silent partner".