Hurricane Dobies - A Dark Cloud Over Jackson


Derek Dobies was instrumental in the introduction and passage of a Non-Discrimination Ordinance in Jackson earlier this year. When citizens who value their constitution and the protections afforded an accused under our legal system saw the passage of the NDO with its flawed quasi-judicial process designed to intimidate businesses and landlords as an affront to our system of government, they took action.

These citizens mobilized to put a referendum on the ballot to stop the NDO from being implemented, letting the voters decide. Derek Dobies, who saw the NDO as a ticket to greater political power by rallying "supporters" from the various liberal centers in Jackson and the state was taken aback when more than enough signatures were collected and certified by city clerk Andrew Wrozek Jr. who as subsequently fired for his efforts in protecting the right of the people to redress their grievances through the refendum process.

Dobies immediate reaction was the formation of a ballot committee to defeat the referendum by any devious position he could muster. Jackson Together was formed by the same people that run Dobies campaign for Mayor.

Kelsey Heck was brought to Jackson by Dobies during his last campaign. Connor Wood was brought in to run Dobies current campaign and morph's into the Jackson Together campaign organizer. These are dangerous radical socialists who along with Dobies aim to destroy Jackson values and replace them with the left wing anything goes agenda as part of the nationwide campaign to destroy America as a world leader fighting against socialism, communism and eventual rule by the liberal fascist elites of the world. Jackson is a small target, but part of the long term strategy of subversives.

The Neo-Fascist Liberal Agenda.

The left adores judges who believe that their job is to make society better by interpreting laws in new and creative ways. Once leftists discovered they could make up stuff like the "penumbra" of the Constitution and that judges could pretend their policy choices were required by law, despite no direct wording to that effect, the door was open to impose the Progressive Agenda without all the messiness of approving legislation in Congress, where the people have a voice. That undemocratic, indeed, anti-democratic approach to governing, wherein the elite discusses theories in academic journals, and then activist judges impose those theories as law, is popular among the cultural elite because they believe themselves to be something like philosopher-kings, entitled to rule others by their superior wisdom.