Hurricane Dobies - A Dark Cloud Over Jackson


During a city council meeting to consider final approval of the Non-Discrimination Ordinance, moved to the Michigan Theater due to overwhelming attendance by local and mainly bussed in out-of-town supporters of the NDO, councilman Dobies, knowing a recall was in the planning stages, told listeners that the petitions with the names and addresses of petition signers can be had through the FOIA process and people should be careful what they sign.

Local Leaders Upset At Dobies Attempts At Intimidation A flood of FOIA's were then sent to the city attorney asking for copies of the referendum petitions and shortly thereafter, postcards with images of Satan and Jesus were sent to the petition signers.

This threat by Derek Dobies, this act of voter intimidation was the basis for the recall petitions circulated which gathered 645 signatures to recall him.

Americans are not keen on leftist thugs intimidating voters as we saw in this instance. Some voters declined to sign the petitions citing the Dobies threat and fear of retaliation if he survived the recall or was elected mayor.

This is no way to run a city and the voters would do well to turn this scalawag and his carpet bag out.