Hurricane Dobies - A Dark Cloud Over Jackson


Dobies was instrumental in forming the JacksonTogether ballot committee to mount opposition to the referendum efforts by concerned city residents. This feat was facilitated by Connor Wood, Dobies campaign treasurer and left wing AFL-CIO activist.

Take note of the phone number. The phone number is the same as on all Derek Dobies campaign ads, campaign Facebook pages and his campaign literature such as press releases. The address is that of Connor Wood

News from Dobies for Mayor
August 15, 2017
Contact: Derek Dobies, (517) 618-1452

Shortly after, an amended campaign statement was filed with different sponsors after it was publicly revealed that Dobies and his campaign treasurer (see image above) were behind JacksonTogether.

And What Did Derek Do With JacksonTogether?

Dobies was instrumental in filing a lawsuit against the City of Jackson and Andrew Wrozek, the city clerk to have a court declare the petitions invalid and throw out the referendum supported by over 600 city voters. This is the Neo-fascist liberal methodology of ignoring the will of the voters and imposing top down control.

To achieve this end, it appears that Dobies orchestrated a coup against Andrew Wrozek with the help of the city attorney and 3 additional members of the council who joined in ignoring the democratic process to impose the will of Derek Dobies.

Complaints against the city attorney are included at the following links for you information and edification regarding the lengths these Neo-fascists will go to attack and defame people in their quest for power and the denial of citizens the right to vote.

These files will need to be downloaded and unzipped.

Link to original filing

Link to supplemental filing

Dobies received an award for his hard work in passing the Non-Discrimination Ordinance helped in no small part by our own city attorney Bethany Vujnov, seen here celebrating the award at festivities in Detroit.

This arrogant display of celebrating the denial of the constitutional rights of the citizens of Jackson by our own city attorney must be punished.

Terminating Vujnov for cause and without benefits must be a high priority for the new council majority. After all she failed to perform her required duty as city attorney to defend Randy Wrozek against the vile accusations from Dobies and the LBGTQW community and to uphold the U.S. constitution.

The apparent collusion between Dobies, the city attorney, CE personnel and several city council members is unprecedented. It becomes apparent when you see campaign postcards for Frounfelker and Greer that were printed and mailed by a lobbying firm working for Consumers Energy. CE sees their support as an investment with future payoffs when Dobies, Greer and Frounfelker (a C.E. employee) vote in support of issues favorable to Consumers Energy. Real Time Web Analytics